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Maurice Lemaître (1926-2018) was an artist, writer and French poet. He is known to be one of the main figures of lettrisme, a movement started in the 1950s.

Lemaître was educated at the School of Arts and Crafts and Public Works. After taking part in the Liberation of Paris, he began his philosophy degree at the Sorbonne.

In 1948, he began his career as a journalist and wrote for the newspaper of the libertarian movement. A year later, he met Isidore Isou and immediately became interested in his political and avant-garde thoughts.

In 1950, Lemaître became very invested in the Lettrist group and created in the same year the "Youth Front," a political journal; while simultaneously creating a literary and pictorial magazine, entitled "Ur," which remains "The Minotaur" of lettrism. In 1951, after assisting Isidore Isou on his film "On Venom and Eternity," Lemaitre embarked on his own long film in 35mm, "Has the Feature Started Yet?" followed by many more films. Lemaître continued to develop various fields within the Lettrist movement: poetry, theater, dance, novels, painting, photography, film, economy, psychopathology and psychotherapy. Despite his dedication to the movement, after the year 2000, Lemaître distanced himself from the movement and remained relatively isolated from the group.

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