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  • A book exploring the history of Experimental Film Society and the ideas that animate it.

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  • A book with a text by Mirella Bandini and pictures of the work of Maurice Lemaître

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  • A collection of writings on the film and, in particular, on the film as Stan Brakhage sees and makes it. Yet more significantly it is a testament of what makes a myth new or makes a new myth.

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  • A book on experimental cinema by Philippe-Alain Michaud from Editions Macula

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  • A four 4CD boxset with a book.  More than 5 hours of sound and emotion.

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  • 62 page photo book with English text

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  • Catalog for les troisièmes rencontres internationales, Paris, 22 - 28 avril 1998 under the direction of Maria Klonars and Katerina Thomadaki 

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  • Paperback book for the Beat Generation exhibition at the Center Georges Pompidou from June 22 to October 3, 2016, curated by Philippe-Alain Michaud.

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