Friedl Kubelka Portraits of Independent Filmmakers 1974-1981

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62 page photo book with English text

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Friedl Kubelka was born in 1946 in London and has been a practising photographer since 1971. She has taught photography in Salzburg and Vienna and founded two schools, "The School for Artistic Photography" in 1990 and "The School for Independent Film" in 2006, both in Vienna.

Friedl Kubelka observes observers observing. Some of her work has been about the unexpected that arises when caught in the act of watching. These pictures of American avant-garde filmmakers were taken in the 1970s. For these artists, the act of seeing or watching is also an act of recording. Friedl Kubelka records these very faces, whose eyes formed their own history of watching the world.

Author(s) Friedl Kubelka
Format Paperback
Year 2006
Language(s) English
Pages 62
Publisher RE:VOIR / The Film Gallery