Une encyclopédie du court métrage français

An encyclopedia on French short films urges to open one’s eyes or, in the words of Jean Vigo, help "unseal our eyes." Two indexes, one of the names cited (more than two thousand four hundred) and the other titles mentioned (over two thousand seven hundred) complete this work of introspection.

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What is a short film? To this simple question, we offer a nuanced response, plural, which opens onto an infinitely composite nomadic and constantly moving galaxy.

Our aim is simply to help repair an injustice to this vast continent too often neglected. The range of this sector is far more ample and freer than what a long feature can offer. [...]

[...] The most classic categories reveal themselves as being multifaceted . Focusing on short films is remembering that cinema is irrigated by experimental sap, which feeds itself off of science and the arts, from essays, poems, ethnographic films, amateur bands, pirate porn presented in brothels, mockumentaries, film propaganda, committed cinema, films on art and many other things.

Shedding light on this career brings a new perspective to filmmakers films, often neglected in most monographs. Selecting some short films also redraws another jurisdiction, in which emerges forgotten treasures, UFO films, overall, truly unassuming bodies of work.

The short film takes us to spawn in poorly marked regions, broaden our vision of cinema, cinemas, discover unexpected beauties, a parallel story (esthetics, economic, legal ...) which sometimes precedes the official history of cinema, and quickly discourages all exhaustive ambition.

An encyclopedia of French short film’s main goal is to open the eyes or, in the words of Jean Vigo, help "unseal our eyes."

Two indexes, one of the names listed (more than two thousand four hundred) and the other of  (over two thousand seven hundred) complete this reflection.


Raphaël Bassan - Mireille Beaulieu - Hugo Belit - Jean-Pierre Bertin-Maghit - Christophe Blanc - Sophie Bredier - Nicole Brenez - Gisèle Breteau-Skira - Émile Breton - Christophe Chauville - Gérard Courant - Sylvie Delpech - Bernard Eisenschitz - Karim Ghiyati - Stepan phane Kahn - Jacques Kermabon - Luc Lagier - Thierry Lefebvre - Marie-Claude Loiselle - Nathalie Mary - Rodolphe Olcese - Antoine Perraud - Tangi Perron - Michel Roudevitch - François Thomas - Vincent Vatrican - Valérie Vignaux - Luce Vigo - Pascal Vimenet - Ar-nauld Visinet

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Jacky Evrard, Jacques Kermabon
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