Le Ravissement de Natacha

Le Ravissement de Natacha / LIVRE View larger

Paperback edition of the "ciné-texte" of a film by Marcel Hanoun

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We were all struck by the story of this young woman (Natasha Kampusch), granddaughter first, sequestered for eight years, providing a cursed secret part, our curiosity, our unconscious. My curiosity is singular as a filmmaker. I want to try to imagine, to penetrate the thoughts, emotions of man, the kidnapper. I want to direct the viewer's attention towards the other side of the mirror to the dark side of history, to its media.
-M. Hanoun

45 pages Editions Yellow Now 2007 ISBN 2-87340-213-X paperback Illustrations couleur

Author(s) Marcel Hanoun
Format Paperback
Year 2007
Language(s) French
Runtime 45 pages
Publisher Editions Yellow Now