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Some texts from Marcel Hanoun 24 pages - 2005 - Alias

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"I'm 76 years old. We do not give me (on me lends even less). I made "76" films (this is only an image). I've filmed from my birth my father was filming, filming me 9 à 5. I am a worker of the ephemeral and the permanent, for the past 50 years from 16 frames / second (amateur film) to 24 then to 25 frames / second (video), 35 mm at the Super 8. I practice headlong, accumulating achievements upon completion, with unlimited and shoestring budgets, for the elastic and distant futures. I have long wanted to be master of my liberty, to free myself from corporatism, economic gravity film and misleading rules regarding the feasibility of a film. " Marcel Hanoun

Author(s) Marcel Hanoun
Format Paperback
Year 2005
Language(s) French
Pages 25 pages
Publisher Cinécriture