CD-ROM Observer/Observed

CD-Rom version of Observer/Observed conceived as  a multimedia piece with text and CG animation in addition to video. Compatible with Mac OSX4/Windows.

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Video and CD-ROM. Conceived, Directed, and Edited by Takahiko Iimura1975-1999, 22min. (video), black and white. With Takahiko Iimura, Kazuyo Yasuda

The video trilogy of "Camera, Monitor, Frame", "Observer/Observed", and "Observer/Observed/Observer" is to create a semiology of video as a video work rather than a written text.

The main aim is a study of the structural relationships of video and language using English. Based on the feedback system of video, I assigned the system into the relation of the observer and the observed using the words as "I" and "YOU". What I am concerned is the structure of "seeing" involved for both the observer and the observed as in a sentence of "I see you", which is posited by the closed-circuit system of video. The video is the remake of 1975-76 version in shorter length without changing the concept.

The CD-Rom version is a multsimedia piece with text and CG animation in addition to video. Compatible with Mac OSX4/Window.

"In fact, Takahiko Iimura isn't really a theoretician, if we mean by that his theory could be shown for itself, separate from the object. On the contrary, object and theory are mutually activated, or even interpenetrated without obstruction. One could say in this sense that Kegon Buddhism's logic, long ago apprenticed to John Cage by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki, grows in depth - a depth not reached by Nam-June Paik's TV-Buddha- in Iimura's art. "
- Daniel Charles, philosopher, author of "John Cage".

" Iimura is at his best deconstructing and reconstructing the video apparatus. Elemental and elegant, these works confront issues of language and semiotics through forms of direct address. Incisively presented, this CD-ROM offers a new generation access to classic works of video art and theory that move through stages of repetition and ennui to the point ofrevelation." -Peter d'Agostino, artist, and professor of media arts,Temple University, Philadelphia.

A formal trilogy which investigates the relationships between concrete representation and phonetic communication. Here the respected video artist, as often, employs a deadpan infection to play against a serious conceptual impulse." - Winner of director's choice award, Black Maria Film & Video Festival, Jersey City, 1998

Produced in co-production with the Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Canada.
Executive Producer, Sara Diamond Associate Producer, Joy Barrett
Associate Director, Jed De Cory Production Manager, Tom Montvila
Production Supervisor, Wilhelm Schmidt Post Production Supervisor, Luke van Dyk
Camera Operator, Craig Lewis Studio Technician, Aubrey Fernandez On-line Editor, Holen Kahn
Co-produced for CD-ROM with Euphonic Inc.,Tokyo,Japan
Executive Director,Interface Design, Tamikazu Iwashima
3DCG Design, Toshihiro Ohshima Programmer, Tetsuya Ichikawa

Author(s) Takahiko Iimura
Format CD-ROM, Mac OSX4, Windows
Year 2009
Runtime 22 min
Publisher Takahiko Iimura Media Arts Laboratory

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