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Book written by Dojo Cinéma. 

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Following in the footsteps of Godard and Debord, the members of Dojo cinéma have been making films since 2002. Inspired by philosophical and political themes, they put the perspective of the audience at the centre. Their reflective and analytical work and daily practice of cinema result in inspiring films, above all, because of their visual strength. Reappropriations, collages, editing and visual and sound effects are part of a well-structured performance. 

This book, entirely created by Dojo Cinéma, is the printed implementation of the film of the same name. It's the equivalent of a film in the form of a book, accompanied by a full and annotated filmography. 

Author(s) Dojo Cinéma
Format Paperback
Year 2006
Language(s) French
Pages 22 pages
Publisher Paris Expérimental