Spotlight Series: Roberto Ariganello

DVD Special Edition of 6 Roberto Ariganello films. 

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Roberto Ariganello was a passionate believer in the importance of independent film. Working in a variety of styles and genres, he experimented with narrative and documentary form, playfully exploring the use of appropriated imagery and the relationship between sound and picture. His solo and collaborative films offer humorous and thoughtful alternatives to the conventions of mainstream media and consumer culture.

1) Non-Zymase Pentathlon
2) Loteria
3) Yesterday’s Wine
4) Contrafacta
5) Shelter
6) Gesture

Author(s) Roberto Ariganello
Artist(s) Roberto Ariganello
Format DVD5 NTSC 4:3, Region 0 Interzone
Original format 16 mm
Year 1995-2001
Language(s) English
Runtime 75 min
Publisher CFMDC