Spotlight Series: Steven Woloshen

Special Edition DVD of 16 films by Steven Woloshen.

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Steven Woloshen has mastered the art of direct animation in a series of explosively creative films. Straddling the terrain between the joyfully entertaining and conceptually rigourous, Woloshen’s virtuouso play with film’s most basic elements re-imagines the relationship between colour, sound and the moving image.

1) Son of Dada (1982/Col/Snd/2.5 minutes)
2) Didre Novo (1983/Col/Snd/2.5 minutes)
3) Pepper Steak (1984/Col/Snd/3 minutes)
4) Get Happy (1999/Col/Snd/3.5 minutes)
5) MeMeMaMa (2000/Col/Snd/2 minutes)
6) Ditty Dot Comma (2001/Col/Snd/3 minutes)
7) The Babble on Palms (2001/Col/Snd/4 minutes)
8) Bru Ha Ha! (2002/Col/Snd/2 minutes)
9) Cameras Take Five (2002/Col/Snd/3 minutes)
10) Minuet (2003/Col/Snd/1 minute)
11) Two Eastern Hairlines (2004/Col/Snd/4 minutes)
12) Snip (2004/Col/Snd/2 minutes)
13) The Curse of the Voodoo Child (2005/Col/Snd/3 minutes)
14) Rebuttal (2005/Col/Snd/2 minutes)
15) Changing Evan (2006/Col/Snd/1 minute)
16) Phont Cycle (2006/Col/Snd/4 minutes)

Author(s) Steven Woloshen
Artist(s) Steven Woloshen
Format DVD5 NTSC 4:3, Region 0 Interzone
Original format 16 mm, 35 mm, Video
Year 1982-2006
Language(s) English
Runtime 43 min