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Frédérique Devaux is a French-Berber experimental filmmaker. Since the early 1980s she has been one of the most internationally well-known representatives of Lettrist cinema. She has devoted several works to the Lettrist movement, the cinema and monographs. Together with Michel Amarger, she is the co-author of a series of film called ‘Expérimentaux’. 

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  • A documentary by Frédérique Dévaux and Michel Amarger with 4 bonus films.

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  • A documentary by Frédérique Dévaux and Michel Amarger+2 films by Stephen Dwoskin

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  • A collection of 8 films from lowave and Collection Jeune Cinéma by experimental filmmakers such as Solomon Nagler, Frédérique Devaux, Valérie Morignat, Shiho Kano, Dominik Lange, et al.  Includes  2 bonus films.

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  • Pages: 360 pages Format: Paperback Publisher : Paris expérimental (22 novembre 2014) Language : French ISBN-10: 291253948X ISBN-13: 978-2912539489 Dimensions: 24 x 2 x 16,1 cm

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  • 2 DVD pack with films by and featuring Rose Lowder at a special promotional price.

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  • 4 REVOIR DVDs with films by Marcel Hanoun at a special discounted price

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  • Pack including 8 DVDs from the collection Cinexperimentaux

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  • This DVD compilation, RESISTANCE[S], includes eight films and videos from Middle Eastern and North African artists.

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