Catalogue/DVD "Retrospective Exhibition of the Early Video Art"

The catalog and DVD published for the "Retrospective Exhibition of the Early Video Art" at the Nagoya City Gallery in Japan on 2006.1.5-22

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This is a catalog and DVD set that was released for the "Retrospective Art Early Video" which was held at the Galerie Nagoya City in Japan from January 5-22, 2006. The works represented in this exhibition come from the late 1960s to the early 1970s, when video art was composed of most single and installations works. the catalog also includes video works of the 80 the works involved in the exhibition and included on the DVD were organized by the Executive Committee "early video art rethink."

Films included on the DVD
Kohei ANDO: Oh! My Mother, 1963, 13min.
Toshio MATSUMOTO: Mona Lisa, 1973, 3min.
Takahiko IIMURA : Camera, Monitor, Frame, 1976, 17'15''
Keigo YAMAMOTO: Breath No.4, 1979, 9'30''
Ko NAKAJIMA: Biological Cycle No.1, No.2, No.5 (Excerpt), 16'15''
Nobuhiro KAWANAKA, Kick the World, 1974, 15'20''
Fujiko Nakaya: "Friends of Minamata Victims - Video Diary (Excerpt), 1971-72, 11'20''
Hakudo KOBAYASHI: "Lapse Communication, 1972 (Revised 1980), 16'15''
Norio IMAI: "Digest of Video Performance 1978-1983 (Excerpt), 1978-1983, 3'30''
Shinsuke INA: "Watching/Drawing/Zooming", 1979, 19min.
Akira KUROSAKI: "Illumination", 1980, 8'30''
Yoshiomi YAMAGUCHI: "Ties", 1981, 14'50''
Tsuneo Nakai: "Artificial Paradise", 1983, 9'30"
Hiroya SAKURAI: "Scramble", 1983, 2'20

Catalog details
Book Design / Editor: Sakamoto Hirofumi
Cover Photo: Yamaguchi Ki + Sakamoto Hirofumi (Toshio Matsumoto from "Mona Lisa")
Published: initial video art rethink Executive Committee (Sakamoto Hirofumi / Tsuchida Tetsuya / Uryu Madoka)
Print: Seino Printing Co., Ltd.
Issue Date: November 20, 2006
Issuer: Sakamoto Hirofumi
A4 paperback / 112 pages

Author(s) Sakamoto Hirofumi
Artist(s) Katsuhiro Yamaguchi, Kohei Ando, Toshio Matsumoto, Iimura Takahiko Yamamoto Keigo, Nakajima Xing, et al.
Original format DVD NTSC 4:3 toutes régions, livre broché
Year 1969-1983
Language(s) Japanese text
Runtime 175 min
Pages 112 pages
Publisher Sakamoto Hirofumi

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