1.5v Button cell battery LR9/PX625

1.5v Button cell battery LR9/PX625 for use with Super 8 cameras

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Many super 8 camera owners have the problem of not being able to get their hands on 2 button cell batteries of 1.35V each that together are responsible for feeding the light meter circuitry with 2.7V. The original PX625 Mercury button cell batteries aren’t produced anymore, mainly for environmental reasons. They provided a 1.35V voltage. Nowadays the PX625 batteries provide 1.5V and allow Super 8 camera users to still shoot in automatic exposure control mode, albeit with slightly different light meter readings.  These slight differences should not have too much of an adverse affect on automatic exposure control results.
We offer these batteries here as one of the only alternatives readily available for those wishing to use a camera that requires button cell batties.