- RENTAL - Beaulieu 6008 Pro Super 8 camera

Beaulieu 6008 Pro Super 8 camera available for short-term rental

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DAILY RENTAL RATE : 75 € VAT included
DEPOSIT : 1200 € (by check or pre-authorisation with bank card)
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Derived from the Beaulieu 6008 S, the Beaulieu 6008 Pro is a Super 8 sound camera with additional features to allow professional use. It first appeared in 1981 and was manufactured until 1983.

The frame rate ranges from 4 to 80 frames per second, with frame-by-frame shooting as well as a reverse filming of 90 frames.

The original zoom lenses available are either a Beaulieu f/1,4 6,9 – 55 mm, a Schneider  f/1,4  6-70 mm or an Angenieux f/1,4 6-90 mm (+10€/day) all with variable speed electric zoom from 3 to 10 seconds or can be operated manually.

The shutter is variable angle and the timer feature offers 1, 10 or 30 seconds as interval options.

The quartz control option at 24 or 25 fps allows a sync for smooth video transfer, a feature that helps facilitate efficient post-production of projects that integrate sync sound.

Beaulieu 6008 Pro Characteristics 

-Sensitivity range: Sensitometric system: 12 to 400 ASA
-Film length & charging system: Super charger 8 up to 60M. A Super 8 cassette of
      60 meters at 24 frames / second allows 10 minutes of shooting
-Power supply: 6 AA batteries
-Shutter: variable angle shutter
-Frame Rate: 4, 9, 18, 24, 36, and 80 frames per second, single frame and reverse. 18 & 24 frames / second in sound
-Viewfinder: reflex with frosted glass with diopter corrector
-Film counter: meters, feet and frames. Reset button of the image counter
-Lens: Standard "C" mount Schneider f / 1,4 6-70 mm, variable speed zoom
-Focus: Manual by turning the lens ring
-Exposure control: CdS cell. automatic & manual
-Sound : Shift sound/image: 18 fps(standard). Optional quartz sync at 24 or 25 fps.
-Dimensions: 18 × 26 × 87 - 2 kg with lens
-Housing: Reinforced polycarbonate, dark gray*

available accessories : wide angle lens adapter (20€/day)

A video of a camera test of this camera shot on Ektachrome