Stan Vanderbeek - Visibles 1

The first volume of our DVD collection of Stan Vanderbeek's films with 9 films

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Surrealistic transformation of a footbridge into an eye that opens to a path that leads to a glowing flower that becomes a body that becomes a landscape, have the effect, in Vanderbeek’s words, of an “experiment in animation in which the eye of the viewer travels deeper and deeper into each scene, finding new relationships and visual metaphors in what appears, at first sight, a simple scene... Juxtaposed with what we see is what we think we saw... The memory of the dream is as real as the dream itself, but it is completely different from the dream."
-Janet Vrchota, Print 1973 

Science Friction (10’) 1959
A La Mode (6’) 1959
Achooo Mr. Kerrooschev (2') 1960
Breathdeath (14’) 1963
See Saw Seams (9’)
Panels for the Walls of the World (8’) 1967
Poemfield #2 (6’) 1966
Oh (9’) 1968
Symmetricks (6’) 1972

Vanderbeekiana! (29’) 1968

Author(s) Stan Vanderbeek
Format DVD5 PAL Interzone/Region 0 DVD5, 4:3, STEREO, B&W/COLOR
Year 1959-1972
Language(s) English
Subtitles French
Runtime 99 mins
Publisher Re:Voir

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