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Including 3 films directed by Raphaël Bassan ans 2 bonuses directed by Michel Amarger & Frédérique Devaux and Viviane Vagh.
With a 43p. booklet.

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- Le Départ d'Eurydice, 1969-2016 (new score: Jonathan Levine), mono, b&w, 11', 4:3

- Prétextes, 1971-2016 (new score: Jonathan Levine), mono, b&w, 13', 4:3

- Lucy en miroir, director's cut, 2003-2005, stereo, b&w color, 45', 16:9

+ Les Deux Lucy, making-of, 2003, Michel Amarger & Frédérique Devaux, stereo, color, 18', 4:3

+ Signature au Ciné Reflet, 2014, Viviane Vagh, stereo, color, 35', 16:9

"This crucified Christ, although roughly carved, still makes one uneasy. Much as the writing of a possessed guru becomes disturbing by way of exaggeration. Doesn't the doll that he is dismembering, conceal, under its ridiculous appearance, real evil spells? Myths are waiting for us to reenact them to push us towards our destiny."

- Stéphane de Mesnildot, about Le Départ d'Eurydice (2003)

"The origin of Prétextes is a series of essays for a feature film that was never shot. In these fragments, taken from the inner life of a couple, we find that it's not psychology that defines man and woman, but an organisation based upon primitive symbols, archetypes."

- Stéphane de Mesnildot, about Prétextes (2003)

"Lovers of classic narrative, move along. Lucy en miroir speaks to us of attraction and vertigo, of spleen and fear, of happiness and loneliness. It is neither an exercise in style, a theoretical essay, nor a visual poem. It is, quite simply, a necessary film."

- Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, about Lucy en miroir (2005)

Raphaël Bassan, Lucy en Miroir (Excerpt) from Collectif Jeune Cinema on Vimeo.

Author(s) Raphaël Bassan, Michel Amarger, Frédérique Devaux, Viviane Vagh
Format DVD9 PAL
Year 1969-2016
Language(s) FR
Subtitles EN
Runtime 122 minutes
Pages 43
Publisher Re:Voir

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