Philippe Garrel - Elle a passé tant d'heures sous les sunlights...

DVD/Blu-ray combo of the 1985 film "Elle a passé tant d'heures sous les sunlights..." by Philippe Garrel

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Nothing matters to Philippe Garrel but the image, the beauty of the image and the motions within it. His art recaptures the great dream of the silent film, fusing the virtues of music and painting for pure enjoyment, for secret pleasure. There are four actors: two men (Lou Castel and Jacques Bonnaffé) and two women (Anne Wiazemsky and Mireille Perrier); plus two more (the filmmakers Chantal Akerman and Jacques Doillon), as well as the absent ones, the history of cinema yesterday and today (Andy Warhol, Jean Eustache, Jean-Luc Godard expressly mentioned, but also Dreyer, Bresson, and all the others since Méliès).
-Louis Marcorelles, Le Monde

As befits a filmmaker for whom art and life are inextricably intertwined, Garrel frequently returns to exploring the passage between the two. Here the relationship between a young director and his subject (the sunlights of the title refers to the film lights on a set) is refracted through a film-within-a-film as well as through a series of troubling dreams.
-Metrograph New York

Author(s) Philippe Garrel
Artist(s) Philippe Garrel, Lou Castel, Jacques Bonnaffé, Anne Wiazemsky, Mireille Perrier, Chantal Akerman, Jacques Doillon
Format Blu-ray/DVD9, PAL, region 0 interzone, 16:9, black & white
Original format 35mm
Year 1985
Language(s) French
Subtitles English
Runtime 137min
Publisher RE:VOIR

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