L'enfant secret

L'ENFANT SECRET, Philippe Garrel, 35mm, b/w, mono, 95' with Anne Wiazemsky, Henri de Maublanc, Xuan Lindenmeyer, Cécile Le Bailly, Elli Medeiros and a booklet of 44 pages with texts from Serge Daney, Philippe Garrel, Thomas Lescure.

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"A man and a woman with biblical names (Elie and Jean-Baptiste) played by two Bressonian actors (Anne Wiazemsky and Thierry de Maublanc). shock treatment meets overdose under the rooftops of Paris. And between them, Swan, the child, a badly kept secret. The Swan, a sign of life and mutual survival: the child of children, a fragment of trembling celluloid."

- Serge Daney, The severe cure, extract of the booklet.

Philippe Garrel - L'enfant secret (Trailer) from Re:Voir Video on Vimeo.

Author(s) Philippe Garrel
Artist(s) Anne Wiazemsky
Format Blu-ray/DVD9, PAL, Region 0 INTERZONE, 16:9, black & white
Original format 35mm

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