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Two films by Patrick Deval

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"An ascetic prince wanders aimlessly, lectures at a university, wanders again, meets other underfed individuals, plunges into the maze of the city, wanders again, discovers virgin forest and builds a community, feels trapped, returns by himself, wanders in desperation, arrives at a crossroads at night-time, insults a woman passing by and apologizes immediately."
-Philippe Azoury
"All of the Zanzibar members were inspired by a kind of quest, by a research for the light, and for a certain desire of purity. In describing the hero of Acéphale as a "searching head" (une tête chercheuse) Patrick Deval sums up this proclivity. In the same film, there is a memorable shot of the film's youthful band spread out on a fence, illuminated from behind. They are like moths hovering around a lamp bulb."
-Sally Shafto

Two films by Patrick Deval
Includes a 24 page booklet with texts by Philippe Azoury and Patrick Deval

Acéphale 1968 35mm 56min
Héraclite l’obscur 1968 16mm 20min

Author(s) Patrick Deval
Artist(s) Patrick Deval, Jackie Raynal
Format DVD5 PAL Interzone/Region 0, Mono, 4:3
Original format 35mm
Year 1967-1968
Language(s) French
Subtitles English, German, Spanish, Italian
Runtime 56 min, 20 min
Publisher RE:VOIR

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