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DVD Xperimental Eros a compilation of experimental erotic films by various artists

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Exploring realms both sacred and profane, Xperimental Eros invokes a shimmering fantasia of celluloid sensuality for the pleasure of our largest sex organ—the brain.

Using exotic tropes and erotic footage from the world's oldest genre, our program of ardent auteurs spin grindhouse dross into arthouse gold with perverse panache.

Be it tales of sexual obsession, rejected letters to Penthouse Forum, or the Mr. Nude Trucker Contest of 1976, no subject is taboo...nor above deconstruction. X-Eros strips bare the spectacle of sex in cinema, poeticizing the cinematic language of the body.

"The images of Xperimental Eros mingle in the mind like one's own flashes of memory and fantasy. A fragment of an act, a snippet of sound—all play, replay, recombine and again, please!—for a collection of works that are confoundingly X-citing!" —Lisa Vandever, Cinekink Film Festival


  • Jeff Krulik's King of Porn
  • Mark Street's Blue Movie
  • Tom Palazzolo's Sneakin' and Peekin'
  • Naomi Uman's Removed
  • Thomas Draschan & Stella Friedrichs' The Influence of Ocular Light Perception on Metabolism in Man and Animal
  • Lewis Klahr's Downs are Feminine
  • Peggy Ahwesh's The Color of Love
  • Julia Ostertag's SexJunkie
  • Oscar Perez' Pacifier


  • Two vintage stags with a special score by PornOrchestra
  • Essay booklet by Linda Williams (Professor of Film Studies, UC Berkeley)
  • New Releases from Other Cinema DVD

Curated by Noel Lawrence
(with assistance from Craig Baldwin)

Artist(s) Jeff Krulik, Mark Street, Tom Palazzolo, Naomi Uman, Thomas Draschan & Stella Friedrichs, Lewis Klahr, Peggy Ahwesh, Julia Ostertag, Oscar Perez
Format DVD NTSC, Region 0
Year 2006
Language(s) English
Runtime 95 min
Publisher Other Cinema

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