Mahine Rouhi et Olivier Fouchard - Films alchimiques et carnets d'ateliers

DVD with a feature film and 4 short films by Mahine Rouhi and Olivier Fouchard

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PTKHO de Mahine Rouhi • 7 mins, 16mm, b/w, 2001
TAHOUSSE co-directed with Mahine Rouhi • 31 mins, 16mm, color, 2001-2006
LA PROMENADE BLEUE • 14 mins, silent, 16mm, color, 2006
LE GRANIER • 15 mins, silent, 35mm, color, 2007
CARNETS D’ATELIERS • 76 mins, stereo, HD, color, 2016

"The film Tahousse, by Olivier Fouchard and Mahine Rouhi, is a magnificent and necessary work. It is the history of a landscape, and yet the inverse as well. It is the Alps, or Kurdistan, or perhaps Chechnya as well, read in relief. Thee planes fly high in the sky, says the childlike voice. Brutal, rough, raw images—though strong in their abrupt lyricism—still far from the vulgar refinement of virtual formalism, impeccably edited in dry fragments—precise and measured, surrounded by shadows and dead-on sculptural construction.”
-Martine Rousset

“ The land of Le Granier is alive, suffering, charged with history. Thee static camera fixes on a blighted mountain, as if the keeper of a sacred secret. These earthen landscapes, transfigured by a boldly plastic manipulation of the image (animation, toning, tinting, etc.), recount the story of a mountain populated with incantations, and its place amidst wild nature.”
-Emmanuel Lefrant

“I’ve seen Tahousse some 15 times over the last ten years, and I’ve programmed it as well, and its magic has never faded—always immune to analysis. Each repeated viewing is, like the very rst time, a unique experience that casts its spell over my mind and my senses.”
-Raphaël Bassan

Contains a 16 page booklet with a text by Raphaël Bassan

Author(s) Mahine Rouhi, Olivier Fouchard
Format DVD9 PAL Interzone, Region 0 ALL, 4:3, Stereo
Year 2011-2016
Language(s) French
Subtitles English
Runtime 143 min
Publisher RE:VOIR

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