InFlux : Mediatrips from the African World. Vol. 1

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DVD Compilation ofFilms and Videos from the African World. Vol. 1

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IN/FLUX is a series of three DVDs. Each DVD is a compilation of experimental films and videos from the African world. The violence and the pleasures, the contradictions, fears and desires of a planet shaped by the postcolonial condition, the present-future of our common humanity in a global, 21st century system shot through with radical change: these are the foci of IN/FLUX, addressed from Africa and her diasporas by creators who reject easy approaches or answers. 

The works included in the first IN/FLUX DVD centre on the dual theme of movement and displacement. They consider shifts in time, place and psyche, in imaginaries and (pre)conceptions, played out on urban stages deployed as laboratories for the elaboration of alternative perceptual fields. A range of genres is represented: documentary gazes and Afrofuturist takes, spy camera zoom-ins and travels through virtual landscapes, (mock) music-video and horror-flick aesthetics. The result is a (media) trip through multiple universes: inner worlds, dreamscapes and in your face reality checks. 


Format DVD 10 / NTSC / PAL / Zone : All
Year 2010
Runtime 105 min
Publisher Lowave

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