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DVD with a collection of nine contemporary art works by various artists.

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FEAR is part of the art film collection Human Frames that concentrates on psychological states such as happiness, desire, madness, fanaticism, anger, isolation, melancholy, mono no aware and impermanence. This volume presents nine contemporary works from Asia and Europe that illustrate our body’s instinctive mechanism in the face of danger. Through various cinematographic means, the artists remind us just how much fear is expressed through language, images, and montage.

Fear, the psychological term for a state of mind associated with fear and feelings of terror. Anxiety can relate both to a supposed or a real threat, to specific or non-specific persons, situations or objects. It is associated with certain ideas, fantasies or expectations as well as reactions of the nervous system. Anxiety can be temporally restricted in particular individual situations and in the case of occasional psychological “injuries”, but also manifest itself as a choronic condition dependening on its psychological development. By virtue of scientific rationality, social progress has for most part eradicated those dominant real fears deriving from external threats from nature facing humanity in earlier epochs, but as a result has created new politically and socially determined existential anxieties. 

This DVD includes the following films:

Kirkirerland / Patricia Reinhart / Austria / 2008 / 1’ / 4:3
Stimme der Lücke / Sion Jeong & Sunjha Kim / Germany / 2009 / 6’06 / 16:9
False Friends / Sylvia Schedelbauer / Germany / 2007 / 5’ /  4:3
Green Room / David Cotterrell / UK / 2008 / 13’41 / 16:9
Excerpt / Guli Silberstein / Israel-UK / 2008 / 4’35 / 4:3
Sbara / Larissa Sansour / Palestine-UK / 2008 / 8’30 / 16:9
Mr Moth / Arnaud Delord / France / 2002 / 9’ / 4:3
Of Anna and Dreams / O Zhang / China-USA / 2010 / 12′ / 16:9
Autoportrait aux enfers / Choi / France / 2009 / 6’ / 4:3

HUMAN FRAMES - FEAR (Trailer) from Lowave on Vimeo.

Author(s) P. Reinhart, S. Jeong, S. Kim, S. Schedelbauer, D. Cotterrell, G. Silberstein, L. Sansour, A. Delord, O.Zhang, Choi
Format DVD 10 PAL & NTSC Zone : All
Year 2012
Runtime 102
Publisher Lowave

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