Human Frames: Impermanences

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Short films by 5 contemporary  filmmakers.

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Impermanence is part of the art film collection Human Frames that concentrates on psychological states such as happiness, desire, madness, fanaticism, fear, anger, isolation, melancholy and mono no aware. This volume presents five contemporary works from Asia and Europe that reflect on the permanent becoming and changing of all beings and the concomitant ephemerality of human existence. The films invite us to look back in order to move forward. 

The Human Frames cycle presents a series of ten film programs. Comprising of both contemporary and archive images from across Asia and Europe, this project is inspired by the ancient theory of humoralism as a framework by which to analyze certain aspects of the human character. It focuses on ten emotional states and depicts the timeless and universal panoply of human tempers that lay beyond national, social and cultural affiliations.

This DVD includes the following films:

"Magia" (France, 2010, 6'35"), Gérard Cairaschi

"Seeya in elektrik dreamz" (Singapore, 2011, 20'), Nelson Yeo

"Aftermath (in memory of his body)" (Hong Kong, 2004, 13'57"), Nose Chan & Christopher Lau 

"Old Choi's film" (Hong Kong/Germany, 2002, 18'), Bin Chuen Choi

"Vakratunda swaha" (India, 2010, 21'), Ashish Avikunthak

HUMAN FRAMES - IMPERMANENCE (Trailer) from Lowave on Vimeo.

Author(s) Various
Artist(s) Gérard Cairaschi, Nelson Yeo, Nose Chan & Chistopher Lau, Bin Chuen Choi, Ashish Avikunthak
Format DVD10, PAL & NTSC, Region 0, Stéreo, 4:3 & 16:9
Year 2012
Language(s) English, Chinese
Subtitles English, French, German
Runtime 80 min + 36 min bonus
Publisher lowave

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