Jürgen Reble - "Passion" and "Das Goldene Tor" 2 DVD Pack

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"PASSION is a personal film-journey in which Reble accompanies his unborn child through a ritual, following the seasons until his birth. Reble's unfamiliar chemistry generates slowly pulsating structures and colors. Micro- and macroscopic imagery build a near-abstract, hypnotic landscape -- an intimate perception of creation..."

Jurgen Reble, former member of the German filmmaking group "Schmelzdahin" (dissolved in 1989), focuses on exploring the film material through bacterial processes, weathering and chemical treatment during and after development.

"The basic idea is that it is impossible to fix film. Film is something which is always in a state of flux... The images, "real" in the beginning, gradually disintegrate and the gelatine layer -- where the chemicals are embedded -- dissolves. All that's left in the end is the 'raging of the elements'..." Jürgen Reble

PASSION (1989-1990) b/w & color, Super 8, 54min

Author(s) Jürgen Reble
Format 2 x DVD5 PAL Interzone/Region-free, Mono, 4:3, Color/couleur
Original format 16mm
Year 1992
Runtime Disc 1 :52 min / Disc 2: 54 min
Publisher RE:VOIR

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    A film by Jürgen Reble with a 32 page booklet with texts by Olivier Schefer.

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