François Miron - Experimental Films 1985-2009


13 experimental short films by François Miron with 2 bonus films.

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François Miron began makings films in 1982, working exclusively with emulsion (as in film NOT video) the body of his early work consist of several short experimental films, all created using a powerful film image manipulation technique that he has mastered: optical printing, in 1990 he received an MFA in filmmaking from The School of The Art Institute Of Chicago where he went under a full merit scholarship, all of his films have been screened in festivals and all sorts of venues throughout the world, his work received countless awards and true underground acclaim, aside from this, the director creates and shoot music videos, photography and since 1993 he has been teaching optical printing, filmmaking, and technical aspects of films at the Mel Hoppenheim School Of Cinema in Montreal. The filmmaker has had full retrospective of his work in San Francisco, Humboldt, The Parc Cinema in Montreal and recently at the Cinematheque Quebecoise in Montreal. In 2007 he completed production on "The 4th Life" a 35mm feature film project written with James Galwey, the film has had international festival release and Canadian theatrical release. In 2008 he won a Juno Award for his photographic work for Arcade Fire for the cover of the Neon Bible CD which was extracted from images that he shot in 16mm B/W and color reversal film, the same year he won the Prix a la creation artistique from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for his film “Hymn to Pan”. The director is now working on a documentary on legendary Avant-Garde filmmaker Paul Sharits, a 2nd fiction feature film and several short films.

This DVD is a high quality dual layer remastered transfer of the short films,
the sound has been re-mastered and remixed, the DVD contains a glossy 26 page booklet full of illustrations and texts about the films. Some bonus features include alternate audio on somes films.

Author(s) François Miron
Artist(s) François Miron
Format DVD9 NTSC Interzone/Region-Free
Original format 16mm, 35mm
Year 1985-2009
Language(s) French
Runtime 129 min
Publisher Filmgrafix/ICPCE

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