David Brooks - The Wind is Driving Him Toward the Open Sea

DVD with seven films by filmmaker David Brooks

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Our sixth release in a series of titles we are releasing in cooperation with The New York Film-makers' Cooperative.

"The Wind is Driving Him Toward the Open Sea" is as poetic as its title. I find it one of the most interesting narrative films that have come out this year. What's interesting about it is that David Brooks manages to fuse in it a number of different techniques which, till now, have been used only in non-narrative, poetic film-techniques such as single frame, free, impressionistic camera movement, almost total plotless-ness, etc. The other thing I like about "The Wind..." is a fascinating melancholy that surrounds it. Its narrative of moods, of reflection, of things lost, gone, like autumn leaves—no tragedy, really, only a mood of melancholy, of sadness—of friends, of ways of life, of cultures gone, of ages coming and going—these are just some of the notes that the film strikes. Romanticism? Perhaps.
-Jonas Mekas, Movie Journal

Any inventory of his films is as meaningless as an inventory of a painting by Bonnard. It is through the lyrical flow of his camera, through his intuitive knowledge of the right length of each shot and the natural grafting of one onto another, that his statements on film assume the quality of poetry.
-David Curtis

David Brooks established himself during the 1960s as one of the most prominent lyricists of the experimental cinema. His work was eclipsed by his early death in 1969 at the age of twenty-four and throughout the next decade by the cooler, more controlled sensibility of structural film. As a consequence, his films are scarcely remembered today, which is particularly unfortunate since at least two of them – "Nightspring Daystar" and "The Wind is Driving Him Toward the Open Sea" – deserve a place as among the most important films of this period.
-J.J. Murphy, Film Culture

1963 Jerry 3'
1964 Nightspring Daystar 17'
1966 Winter 16'
1967 Letter to D.H. in Paris 4'
1968 Eel Creek 7'
1968 The Wind is Driving Him Toward the Open Sea 50'
1969 Carolyn and Me 1-2-3 90'

DVD9 PAL Interzone • Stereo • Color • 4:3 • Sous-titres FR • 187 min
EN/FR Booklet by / Livret de Stephen Broomer & J. J. Murphy

The Wind is Driving Him Toward the Open Sea - David Brooks (trailer) from Re:Voir Video on Vimeo.

Author(s) David Brooks
Format DVD PAL Interzone/Region 0
Original format 16mm
Year 1963-1969
Language(s) English
Subtitles French
Runtime 187 min
Publisher Re:Voir

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