Found Footage Magazine Issue 1 October 2015

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Issue 1 of Found Footage Magazine, which is a printed film studies journal distributed worldwide. It offers theorical, analytical and informative content related to found footage filmmaking practices.  Text in English and Spanish with full-color photos.

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A Poetic Archaeology of Cinema: The Films of Bill Morrison, by Matthew Levine.

Bill Morrison‘s films often combine archival film material with contemporary pieces of music from internationally recognised composers. His masterpiece Decasia (67 min, 2002), a collaboration with the composer Michael Gordon, was selected for the 2013 National Film Registry of the Library of Congress of the US, becoming the most modern film named to be part of the list that preserves works of “great cultural, historic or aesthetic significance to the nation’s cinematic heritage.”

Interview with Bill Morrison, by FFM


Facing Time, by Adrian Danks
Knights Moves, by Dirk de Bruyn
The Ethics of Appropriation: Found Footage between Archive and Internet, by Thomas Elsaesser
Santiago Álvarez: The Revolutionary Filmmaker as Materialist Historian, by Jonathan Palomar
Found footage and television: Images that flash lightning in a hazardous instant, by Ingrid Guardiola


· Artists in an Archive, by Alan Berliner
· Making a Name, by Mike Hoolboom
· Sonic Findings: Festival (In)appropriation #7, by Jaimie Baron
· Women Under the Influence: The Claustrum by Jay Rosenblatt, by César Ustarroz

FILM REVIEWS: CUT ´N´ PASTE, by Albert Alcoz & Matthew Levine

· Iterations (Gregg Biermann, 2014)
· A Movie by Jen Proctor (Jennifer Proctor, 2010/12)
· Las variaciones Schwitters (Alberto Cabrera Bernal, 2012)
· Let Me ASMR You (Clint Enns, 2014)
· Iowneom Streets (Lucía Moreno, 2014)
· Pure Virtual Function (Péter Lichter, 2015)
· Weresheglanspertheere (Sebastian Buerkner, 2014)
· Pen Up the Pigs (Kelly Gallagher, 2014)
· Konrad & Kurfurst (Esther Urlus, 2013/14)
· Full of Fire (Rhayne Vermette, 2013)
· Threnody for the Victims of Marikana (Aryan Kaganof, 2014)
· Psychic Driving (William E. Jones, 2014)   


· The Archive Effect: Found footage and the audiovisual experience of history.
Author: Jaimie Baron. (London, Routlege, 2013)
· Found Footage: Cinema Exposed.
Editors: Giovanna Fossati and Jaap Guldemond. (Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press/EYE Film Institute Netherlands, 2012)

INTERVIEW WITH ECLECTIC METHOD, by Óscar Testón & Enrique Ramírez (


Albert Alcoz & Blanca Viñas, Dirk De Bruyn, Esther Urlus, Jennifer Reeves, Rhayne Vermette, Alberto Cabrera Bernal, Steven Woloshen, Péter Richter, Gustav Deutsch.
Author(s) Various
Format Paperback
Year 2015
Language(s) English, Spanish
Pages 156 pages
Publisher Found Footage Magazine