Leçon de vie (Life Lesson)

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A film by Boris Lehman

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Poetic and philosophical variations around the lost paradise theme, or the lost of innocence forced to reach knowledge. Here, a dozen of men, women and children trie to speak solitary with the nature, the water, the sky, the flowers, the trees, the insects ... in search of silence and unseen, everything that today city and society try to hide and choke.

Their screaming, their message cross and answer like echoes in the mountain or waves in water which are essence and breathing of world.

"More than a philosophy teaching, Lesson of life is a life art, an art of discerning life. Here we find those lines of forces that made the beauty of Babel, this invention of a speech in present and which ignores the onward march of progress and of the history. Here we find this fundamental question on our flouted community, that rip with the nature world, this fundamental anxiety born from the communication that has become rational, effective and which constantly imposes between us and the cosmos the speech of social groups, truth of State or society."

 - Philippe Simon

Author(s)Boris Lehman
FormatDVD Pal interzone

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