Virgil Widrich - 4 Films Collection

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4 films by Virgil Widrich.

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Fast Film (2003) Bits of found film and different types of animation illustrate a classic chase scene scenario: A woman is abducted and a man comes to her rescue, but during their escape they find themselves in the enemy's secret headquarters.

Copy Shop (2001) Wordless story about a man who awakes in his bed wearing his clothes (including a check vest). He rises, washes his face, combs his hair, and heads for work across the street at a copy shop. He inadvertently makes a photocopy of his hand, and then the machine beings turning out copies of photographs of himself, the street outside, and his apartment. He unplugs the copier and heads home. He repeats the scene we saw earlier. Copies of himself emerge from bed; baffled, he watches them go to work. Soon, it seems, he's part of a society in which everyone looks like him and wears check vest. Can he get things back to normal?

Brighter Than the Moon (2000) Black comedy. A young man, Paolo, appears to be a failure as far as career prospects are concerned. However, he dreams of one day owning his own Italian restaurant. Meanwhile, there are two new arrivals in Vienna, Paolo's adopted home: Melles and Knarek, failed bank robbers. Knarek's girlfriend attracts the attention of Paolo, but what she really wants is to dig a hole from his restaurant through to the bank, conveniently situated next door...

Tx-transform (1998) Tx-transform is a new film ...

Virgil Widrich - 4 Films Collection ( Fast Film / Copy Shop / Brighter Than the Moon / Tx-transform ) ( Mia grigori, shedon, tainia / Fototypeio / Heller als der Mond )

Author(s) Virgil Widrich
Artist(s) Johannes Silberschneider, Lars Rudolph, Horst Buchholz, Virgil Widrich
Format DVD Pal region-free 4:3
Language(s) German
Subtitles English, French
Runtime 128 min
Publisher Extraplatte

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