Audio Technic Catalog : Notices, Méthodes & Pédagogies - Vincent Epplay

DVD and vinly with film and sound works by Vincent Epplay

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Audio Technic Catalog
Instructions, Methods & Pedagogies
Vincent Epplay
Sound Library # 3

"If technical progress seemed then the promise of an exciting future, based on high fidelity stereophonic system, of "avant-garde offices", of self-driving cars, lulled by the song of computers and the noises of connected typewriters, these incredible sounds and these voices with an obsolete timbre tell a whole different story here, also suggested by the tasty titles which accompany this offbeat disc-object:" Beware of false noises "," Solfège minor and twist at the door "," Personal motivation in two words "." (Release)
This edition (gatefold cover) includes a vinyl record and a DVD offering videos to enhance your learning or practice, as well as the digital version of the tracks on the disc.
Audio Technic Catalog is the third part of the "Sound Library" series initiated by Vincent Epplay with the Stembogen label, after Sound Effects (2004) and Le disk contre l'insomnie - hypnose (2007). Like the previous opuses, this project is designed as a whole integrating visuals, texts and music.
In these times of great confusion, it was useful to provide an educational and technical framework in order to take part in the mechanics of things. This project was designed to support and guide you in the taming of high-fidelity equipment, in your musical and instrumental practices, but also more broadly in the experience of our modern world, that of technique widespread.

LP (gatefold) + DVD
ref. : PPT-STEM-22
publication: 20/05/2013
€ 20.00

Author(s) Vincent Epplay
Format LP (gatefold) + DVD
Year 2012
Language(s) French
Publisher Stembogen

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