The Quay Brothers - Short Films (1979-2003)

16 films by the Quay Brothers in a 2 DVD set.

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The BFI has collaborated with the inimitable Quay Brothers to release a truly comprehensive compilation of their short films on DVD; a world first. The Quays were extensively involved with the preparation of the DVD, personally supervising the transfers, recording commentaries on selected titles, and contributing an exclusive 20-minute illustrated video interview.

This two-disc set, in deluxe packaging, collects 13 of the Quay Brothers' short films, spanning 24 years, in brand new restored and re-mastered editions (six of them with new Quay commentaries), plus a collection of 'footnotes' including interviews, alternative versions, unrealized pilot projects and more. An accompanying illustrated color booklet features an encyclopedic guide to the Quays' universe, plus the original illustrated treatment for their best-known film Street of Crocodiles. Includes a 24 page full-color booklet.

Disc 1 - The Films
• The Cabinet of Jan Švankmajer (1984)
• *This Unnameable Little Broom (1985)
• *Street of Crocodiles (1986)
• Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies (1987)
• *Stille Nacht I - Dramolet (1988)
• The Comb (1990)
• Anamorphosis (1991)
• *Stille Nacht II - Are We Still Married? (1992)
• *Stille Nacht III - Tales From Vienna Woods (1993)
• Stille Nacht IV - Can't Go Wrong Without You (1994)
• *In Absentia (2000)
• The Phantom Museum (2003)

Disc 2 - Footnotes
• Filmed introduction by the Quays
• Nocturna Artificialia (1979)
• The Calligrapher (1991)
• The Summit (1995)
• Archive Interview (2000)
• The Falls (1980)
• BFI ident
• Alternative versions

Author(s) The Quay Brothers
Artist(s) Stephen and Timothy Quay
Format DVD9 PAL Region 2, Dolby 2.0
Original format 16mm
Year 1979-2003
Language(s) English
Runtime DVD1 - 135 min, DVD2 - 119 min
Publisher BFI

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