KAHL NC 22 SUPER 8MM Color Negative

Kahl NC 22 Super 8mm stock color reversal, it includes the development by Kahl laboratory in Germany. Sensitivity 22 DIN (ISO 125/22 °).

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KAHL NC 22 - Super 8 cassette - color negative 15 m.

Sensitivity: 22 DIN
Film document: tri-acetate
Color negative development: AP 70 / C 41
Sensitization: daylight (5500 K)!

KAHL NC 22 is a medium-sensitive film with unusual color rendition.
Due to its soft gradation and its "soft" colors, it perfectly achieves the Super 8 effect for fiction documentaries and small feature films or "dream sequences".

Auto exposure of the camera:
KAHL NC 22 Super 8 cassettes are suitable for every Super 8 camera.

The control notches of the cassettes are on
ISO 125/22 ° daylight set.

For the camera, set the exposure selector switch to the DAYLIGHT symbol. This removes the artificial light filter no. 85 / 85a.
KAHL NC 22 is sensitized to daylight and does not require a filter.

Free color negative development (AP70) by the laboratory Kahl (in Germany) and the return shipping in the EU countries up to 1 year from the purchase date.

This film is designed for digital editing and not ideal for Super 8 projection.