Nizo 156 Macro Super 8 Camera

Refurbished Braun Nizo 156 Macro Super 8 camera
Serial number : 1642215

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This camera was reconditioned and verified by our technician who has over 20 years of experience with this specific brand of camera.  The cameras are opened, repaired, cleaned, lubricated, reinforced and verified with precision testing equipment.  These repairs are backed by a 90 day guarantee.  If you should notice anything amiss with your camera within 90 days, you can return it for repairs or replacement.
This camera is equipped with a film sensibility dial that allows for precision automatic exposure with film stocks with sensitivities from 50-500ASA.  This modification was conceived by our technician and is the only place you will find such capability in the Nizo line of camera.
The Nizo 156 Macro is a fantastic small format Super 8 camera with a range of functions not available on other small format models as well as the ability to film in Macro mode.  It is light-weight and sturdy with a metal outer casing, though as with any precision camera equipment it should be handled with care.
Slight scratches on the outer casing.  Sold with original lens cap and leather carrying bag.

Nizo 156 Macro
Year: 1979-82
Weight: 800 g
Lens: Schneider Macro-Variogon 1,8 / 7 - 56 mm
Macro focusing
Split Image Focusing
Auto / Manual Zoom
Frame rates: 9, 18, 24, 36 + single frame
Shutter degree: 225
Manual / Auto Exposure
ASA-settings - set with film sensitivity dial: 50 to 500ASA
Remote control socket
Cable release socket
Interval timer with 1/5 - 5 second intervals
No sound
Retractable handle
Made in Germany
Manufacturer: Niezoldi&Krämer / Braun
90-day warranty