Canon AF310XL-S Super 8 camera

Canon AF310XL-S Super 8 camera in mint condition, film-tested.  Sold with original box with instruction manual and leather carrying bag.

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This is a great little camera for a point and shoot kind of project.  No need to worry about focus or exposure settings, just go and shoot.  Camera is in pristine condition and has been tested with film.

information from Canon camera Museum website

The AF310XL-S was based on the AF310XL with sound system, and the two models were developed together. The two models shared as many mechanisms as possible. The weight of the AF310XL-S was only 820 grams, making it the lightest AF sound movie camera in the world at that time.

Image Size      4.2 x 5.7 mm (Projection image size: 4 x 5.4mm)
Lens    Focal Length/Speed 8.5 – 25.5mm f/1.0 (13 elements in 11 groups). Spectra coating.
Zooming Ratio            3x
Focusing         Auto focus (Front lens group rotating method), 1.2 m to infinity. No manual focus.
Zooming         Power zooming (Approx. 7 sec.) coupled to film drive and manual zooming with the zooming lever.
Filter Size       43 mm
Viewfinder     Type   Single-lens reflex type (Built-in eye cup)
Dioptric Adjustment             Not available (Fixed at -1.25 diopter)
Viewfinder Information       Under exposure warning/battery check, film transport indicator, sound recording level indicator
AF system       Type   Active auto focus system using near infrared light emitting diode (I-RED)
Exposure Control      Type   TTL metering AE with a CdS exposure meter. Automatic aperture setting coupled to loaded film speed and filming speed.
Metering Range         ISO 160, f/1.0, 18 fps – ISO25, f/45, 18 fps
Film Speed     Automatic ISO setting by film cartridge
Tungsten type film: ISO 40 and 160
Daylight type film: ISO 25 and 100
CCA Filter       A Color Conversion filter A is built-in. The CCA filter can be manually cancelled with the exclusive dial.
Film Drive      Type   Power filming by high performance DC micro-motors
Filming Speed            18 fps
Footage Counter        Counts up. Automatic resetting by unloading of a cartridge.
Film End Precaution             Not available (The film transportation mark in the viewfinder stops when the film reaches to the end.)
Shutter           Shutter Opening       217 degrees
Release System          Mechanical release system
Power Source            Four AA batteries in the grip for film drive, exposure metering, power zooming and sound recording.
Battery Life    Sufficient power for approx. 5 film cartridges under normal temperature at 18 fps.
Battery Check            Set the main switch at BC position and check if the lamp (LED) in the viewfinder is lit.
Main Switch   Three way switch of on, off and battery check
Grip     Folding type. Contains batteries.
Dimensions (W x H x D)       47 x 118.5 x 179.5 mm
Weight            820 g (Body only), 900 g (Including batteries)