Elmo Super 110 R Super 8 camera

Elmo Super 110 R Super 8 camera in mint condition.  Sold in leather carrying case.

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Classic, top of the line, late 60’s Elmo Super 8. Vastly underrated Elmo f 1.8 / 7-70mm macro zoom that produces sharp, contrasty, nicely saturated colours. The rarer than hen’s teeth 110R model came with a sync sound socket for sophisticated double system sound, otherwise identical to the readily available 110. Unlike the plasticky later model Elmos, the Elmo Super line was all metal and built to last. Fit and finish is quite good but not quite on a par with the best European models. Unlike other noisy silent cameras of the era, a serviced Elmo Super 110 runs extremely smooth and quiet. The one feature of the Elmo Super 100 series that has the greatest relevancy to filmmakers today who do their own telecine is the stock oversized film gate. It’s even wider than the oversized film gate on the Nikon R10 giving you near widescreen capabilities in a stock Super 8 camera. Underrated and undervalued.
-review by Geoval

This particular camera has been verified by our technician and has been tested with film with great results.

Year: 1976-78
Made in Japan
Power: 4 AA batteries, plus internal self-charging battery for EE system
Weight: 1400 g (3.08 lbs.)
Dimensions: 252 x 110 x 86mm (9.84 x 4.33 x 3.38 in)
Lens: Elmo Zoom 1,8 / 7 - 70 mm
Macro focusing to 14cm
Split Image Focusing
Auto / Manual Zoom (tele to wide in about 7.5 seconds)
ASA: daylight 25,40,64,100,160 tungsten 40, 64, 100, 160, 250 + possibly more
Frame rates: 18, 24, 54 + single frame
Shutter degree: 160
Manual / Auto Exposure
Flash contact
Remote control socket
Tape recorder sync socket (see comments)
No sound

Viewfinder: Adjustable diopter -3 to +1, has LED for filming and synchronized sound recording, f stop indicator, end of film warning and battery check