Beaulieu 4008 Super 8 camera made to order

Reconditioned Beaulieu Super 8 camera and lens customized to your specifications

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950,00 €

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The Beaulieu ZMII is considered by some as one of the few truly professional Super 8 cameras.  The ability to change between the high quality C-mount lenses available allows for more choice when deciding on the look you want to get from your film.  The choice between 2-70fps film shooting speeds and the ability to adapt the automatic exposure settings for film stocks between 10-400ASA settings also allow for a very versatile shooting experience.

This camera was reconditioned and verified by our technician who has over 20 years of experience with this specific brand of camera.  The cameras are opened, repaired, cleaned, lubricated, reinforced and verified with precision testing equipment.  These repairs are backed by a 90 day guarantee.  If you should notice anything amiss with your camera within 90 days, you can return it for repairs or replacement.

This camera is in impeccable condition.  The old dual voltage battery system (3.6 and 7.2v) was abandoned and replaced by a single voltage supply, after modification of the camera electronics and the old original battery compartment.  The camera can then be powered by either: 5 1.5v alkaline batteries type N / LR-1 (850mAh) OR 6 1.2v NiMh batteries (500mAh) - supplied with charger

The power consumption of a charged 4008ZM, automatic exposure, at 24 fps (excluding electric zoom) is approx. 550mAh, after this modification
compared to the power consumption with the original batteries had a capacity of 240mAh.  This new system allows the user around 90minutes of continuous use, or the ability to shoot about 10-15 rolls of Super 8 film under normal shooting conditions.

This modification is the first of its kind and avoids many of the problems that many Beaulieu users have encountered in the past with the old Beaulieu rechargeable battery system.

The internal filters (85 and ND2 / 3) have been removed to avoid problems of dust accumulation and loss of light, thus allowing for better image quality. The camera is therefore sold with a quality 85 conversion filter (62mm mount) that can be screwed on to the front of the lens. The camera is also sold with a new original lens cap, a leather strap and an original rubber eyecup in good condition.

Lens (interchangeable): Schneider Kreuznach Optivaron 1,8/6-66 mm (Macro).
Auto/Manual Zoom with Variable Speed and auto zoom.

These cameras are sold with a 90 day guarantee and after 2 years can be cleaned and serviced again by our technician.

Model & Price
4008 S or ZM = 600euros
4008 ZM2 = 900euros
4008 ZM 4 = 1100euros
Angenieux 1.9 8-64 mm = 500euros
Schneider 1.8 6-66 mm = 800euros
Schneider 1.4 6-70 mm = 1050euros
Schneider 1.4 6-70 mm filtre integré = 1350euros
Angenieux 1.4 6-80 mm = 1550euros