Nalcom FTL 1000 Synchro Zoom Super 8 camera

Refurburished Nalcom FTL 1000 Synchro Zoom Super 8 camera with lens, strap and handle

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State-of-the-art technology, high-quality design and craftsmanship, a functional, elegant and futuristic form, put the NALCOM FTL Synchro Zoom Super 8 camera in "a class of its own" among cameras from the 1970s. The Nalcom FTL was manufactured by Shinsei with a total production around 20,000 units. The same camera was also sold under the names of Nalcom FTL1000 or 3M 7100).

  •     Shinkor f1.8 lens, interchangeable with different SLR optics (adapters required)
  •     Zoom 8-64 mm (1.5m → ∞)
  •     Optional: Close-up 0,25m
  •     Viewfinder reflex and diopter adjustable, focusing distance by micro prism
  •     Automatic recognition of new Super 8 cartridges (Kodak Ektachrome 100D and Tri-X, Vision3 50D, 200T and 500T, Kahl, Wittner, ...) from 25 to 500 ASA
  •     Auto / manual diaphragm adjustment by electronic cell (CdS sensor)
  •     Black fade function (open / close)
  •     Speeds 18-24-36 frames per second
  •     2 speed electric zoom
  •     Single switch operation and zoom control
  •     Indicator light for battery control and normal film sequence
  •     Metric counter with automatic reset
  •     Synchro-flash connector
  •     Connector for battery charging (can be powered by 6 rechargeable NiMh batteries)
  •     Connector for remote control and 1 image function
  •     Accessories: Removable handle containing connecting cable (approx. 5 m) for remote control and 1-image function (option: remote control handle with intervalometer function 1 img / sec at 1 img / min)

Included with this camera:
lens cap (option: sun visor), Wratten filter retrieval key 85

user manual: NALCOM FTL 1000 manual

Our cameras are completely reconditioned, adjusted and checked with precision equipment by our technician who has over 20 years of experience with many Super 8 and 16mm materials, and have a 90-day warranty.

If you notice a problem that prevents the unit from working properly, you can send it back for repair or replacement.