Bauer Nizo Aspheric II - Ultrawide Lens

Ultrawide Lens for Bauer and Nizo cameras.

Brand : Schneider Kreuznach.

Model : Ultrawide Lens Aspheric (UWL) II.

Aspheric Type II made by Schneider Kreuznach.

Lens thread : M55 x 0,75mm or M58 x 0,75mm.

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With this lens, lenses with a focal length of 7mm are converted to 4mm lenses with a diagonal angle of view of 78°. This means that your film will contain three times the normal amount of information. A great advantage when filming indoors. Also, the depth of field is extended to such an extent that in most cases no additional focusing is required; you can film as if you were using a fixed-focus ens. Even uncontrolled movements of the camera will no longer be detrimental to the results of your efforts.

Includes the plastic box and booklet.

Suitable cameras include the following :

  • Nizo Integral 5
  • Nizo Integral 6
  • Nizo Integral 7
  • Bauer C 107 XL
  • Bauer C 700 XLM
  • Bauer S 207 XL
  • Bauer S 307 XL
  • Bauer S 407 XL

*For Bauer lenses the adapter ring 55/58 is required.