Ici et maintenant

(1968, p&w, 71')

A film by Serge Bard. 

Bonus: "Vite" (1969, 34'), by Daniel Pommereulle; "Zanzibar" (2005, 29'), by Jackie Raynal

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In that year of 1968, Serge Bard made three films in a row. They were Detruisez-vous (Destroy yourself), Fun and games for everyone and finally, Ici et maintenant (Here and now).

"Here and now consists of the dreams of the solitary rambler, post-revolution... The moralist has given up on chaos; he takes his own pulse; he listens to the world, perhaps vibrating with it; he is in sympathetic ecstasy. The filmmaker holds his position, stiff as the statue of the commander, on alert for the phenomena which approach him; he resembles the lighthouse whose rectitude Bard captures magnificently, on an ink-dark night, with its hallucinatory lamp set against a background of winds and tides." (Patrick Deval)

Besides Serge Bard's feature film, this DVD edition includes:

* a 27-page-bilingual booklet  (French/English) with texts by Patrick Deval and Henri Alekan;

* Bonus: "Vite" (1969, 34'), by Daniel Pommereulle; "Zanzibar" (2005, 29'), by Jackie Raynal

trailer ICI ET MAINTENANT - Serge Bard from RE:VOIR on Vimeo.

Author(s) Serge Bard
Format DVD5 PAL 16:9
Original format 35mm
Year 1968
Language(s) Français
Subtitles English
Runtime 134'
Publisher Re:voir

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