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  • 16 films by the Quay Brothers in a 2 DVD set.

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  • Book of photos/drawings by Albert Monis and Ado Arrietta

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  • DVD with three previously unreleased films by Jonas Mekas

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  • An encyclopedia on French short films urges to open one’s eyes or, in the words of Jean Vigo, help "unseal our eyes." Two indexes, one of the names cited (more than two thousand four hundred) and the other titles mentioned (over two thousand seven hundred) complete this work of introspection.

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  • A film by Gorka Aguado, Sean Baker, Roger Beebe, Rudolf Buitendach, Stefano Canapa, Pierre-Yves Cruaud, Hilton Earl, Corinna Schnitt, GG Tarantola aka GGT and Nosfe.

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  • DVD with 3 films by Adolopho Arrietta. ECO Y NARCISO (2003, DV, 19’)VACANZA PERMANENTE (2006, DV, 29’)DRY MARTINI (2008, DV, 7’)

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  • 15m rolls of color reversible Super 8 film stock from Wittner.LAST OF OUR STOCK!  ONE OF THE LAST REVERSAL SUPER 8 FILMS ON THE MARKET!  LIMIT 2 ROLLS PER CLIENT!

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  • The book-CD-DVD with a DVD of 110 minutes, a CD of 50 minutes and a book 156 pages.

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