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Pack of 4 DVD/Blu-Ray titles of films by Robert Kramer at a special promotional price

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This pack includes 4 DVD/Blu-Ray titles of films by Robert Kramer at a special promotional price

Blu-ray/DVD - In the Country
In the United States in 1966, Robert Kramer directed his first feature film,
In the Country, outside all existing production systems and with the political fellow travelers who had just filmed him in the documentary Troublemakers. In the Country shows what is left out of Troublemakers: the documentary shows actions (community organizing, militant activism) that the fictional film keeps outside the frame in order to focus on a relationship crisis in which the man fails to put aside, for a few days, his obsessive political activism. Twenty-five years later, the Videoletters exchanged with Stephen Dwoskin recreate as in an open mosaic this melancholic and lyrical treatment of separation.

“‘In the country’ is the place where one comes into contact with other, absolutely non-political and everlasting rhythms of things. Their guardian is the woman: she is wise and can appear in many forms, but she knows quite a lot about finding a harmonious balance between your own needs and those of others. Another form of logic.” (Robert Kramer)

includes a 57 page bilingual booklet

In The Country (1966), 62 min
Videoletters (1992), 56 min
Troublemakers (1965), 52 min

Blu-ray/DVD - The Edge & Ice
The Edge
(1967) and Ice (1969) form a definitive diptych on the temptations of terrorism and insurrection: a man wants to assassinate the President of the United States (The Edge); revolutionary groups launch a major armed offensive against the ruling regime (Ice). However, both fictions are less interested in the impact of activism than in the moral state of shock that gradually shifts relationships and beliefs as it overlays another sense of time and other types of logic on those of revolutionary efficiency. Made in parallel with Robert Kramer’s own militant activism in Newsreel and other organizations of the American left, which they contradict dialectically, they are an extraordinary application of filmmaking considered as a tool of thought in motion.

“I think that now, based on a lot of Ice’s contradictions – between men and women, between ‘activism’ and ‘living,’ between life and death – I think that now, we are starting to understand the synthesis, or at least the very diverse forms of synthesis that will help us create a higher, clearer level of consciousness, and therefore a higher level of activism.” (Robert Kramer)

includes a 42 page bilingual booklet

The Edge (1967), 1h41
Ice (1969), 2h13

Blu-ray/DVD - Route One/USA
Shot over five months in 1987 and 1988 from north to south along the East Coast, Route One / USA (1989) offers a broad geographical cross-section of a precise time in United States history, and a wistful journey through a country that Robert Kramer, as an America, had never looked at so carefully. In the company of his fictional alter-ego, Doc, the doctor, the filmmaker observes people and landscapes with the care and concern of a traveling doctor. Route One / USA is also a magnificent combination, to the sound of Barre Philips' music, of a filming method that Kramer had developed a few weeks earlier in the lesser-known X-Country (1987) and an editing technique that he would perfect the following year in the video-letter Dear Doc (1990).

Route One / USA stems from a very deliberate choice to return to the scene of the crime. The interesting thing about this film - as different as it is from Milestones, even in the way it was shot - is that in Milestones we were able to go all over the country without ever talking to anyone who was not from our crew. Route One / USA was the exact opposite: we were just there to talk, to listen and to learn.” (Robert Kramer)

includes a 62 page bilingual booklet

Route One / USA (1966), 255 min, color, 16mm
X-Country (1992), 144 min, color, video
Dear Doc (1965), 36 min, color, video

DVD - Guns
Following a series of films questioning commitment and politics in America and culminating with Milestones 1975, and a 1977 documentary on Lisbon’s Carnation Revolution, Scenes from the Class Struggle in Portugal, Robert Kramer moved to France with his family. The first film he made there was Guns, an intricate feature which echoed the paranoid films of 1970’s Hollywood. With Guns, Kramer continues his exploration of the militant psyche, while at the same time experimenting with different forms of narration.

“There are two distinct strands of reality in Guns. One deals with the world at large. Tony (Patrick Bauchau), a journalist, speaks of ‘a nonsensical story.’ We no longer have any way to penetrate this wider world. The other strand concerns our intimate and personal experiences, as represented by Margot (Juliet Berto), who has decided to dedicate herself to caring for her dying mother. This strand comprises everything that results from her decision. I used the decline of Margo’s mother as a means of discussing certain things.”
-Robert Kramer

includes a 56 page bilingual booklet

Guns (1980)
Naissance (1981)
La Peur (1983)

Author(s) Robert Kramer
Artist(s) Robert Machover, Norman Fruchter
Original format 16mm, Hi8 video
Year 1966-1992
Language(s) English, French
Subtitles English, French, German, Italian
Runtime 170 MINS
Publisher REVOIR

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    DVD with the film GUNS by Robert Kramer with 2 bonus films

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    DVD/blu-ray combo pack with the films THE EDGE & ICE by Robert Kramer

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    DVD/Blu-ray combo pack with the film ROUTE ONE/USA by Robert Kramer with 2 bonus filmsRELEASE DATE JUNE 15 2022

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