Guns - Robert Kramer

DVD with the film GUNS by Robert Kramer with 2 bonus films

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Following a series of films questioning commitment and politics in America and culminating with Milestones 1975, and a 1977 documentary on Lisbon’s Carnation Revolution, Scenes from the Class Struggle in Portugal, Robert Kramer moved to France with his family. The first film he made there was Guns, an intricate feature which echoed the paranoid films of 1970’s Hollywood. With Guns, Kramer continues his exploration of the militant psyche, while at the same time experimenting with different forms of narration.

“There are two distinct strands of reality in Guns. One deals with
the world at large. Tony (Patrick Bauchau), a journalist, speaks of ‘a nonsensical story.’ We no longer have any way to penetrate this wider world. The other strand concerns our intimate and personal experiences, as represented by Margot (Juliet Berto), who has decided to dedicate herself to caring for her dying mother. This strand comprises everything that results from her decision. I used the decline of Margo’s mother as a means of discussing certain things.” (Robert Kramer)

includes a 56 page bilingual booklet

Guns (1980)
Naissance (1981)
La Peur (1983)

Author(s) Robert Kramer
Artist(s) Patrick Bauchau, Juliet Berto, Peggy Frankston, Keja Kramer, Chantal Birman, Noëllie Birman, Valérie Coquerel, Françoise Laurent, Franck Oger
Format DVD PAL Interzone 0 All Regions
Original format 35mm
Year 1980-1983
Language(s) English, French
Subtitles English, French, German, Italian
Runtime 173 MINS
Publisher REVOIR

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