La cicatrice intérieure

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DVD and Blu-Ray boxset with Philippe Garrel's 1972 classic, "La cicatrice intérieure"

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La Cicatrice intérieure by Philippe Garrel, 60', 1972

with: Nico, Philippe Garrel, Pierre Clementi, Christian Päffgen, Daniel Pommereulle, Balthazar Clémenti, Jean-Pierre Kalfon

"In 1972, Nico sang and shouted in the New Mexico desert, in the snowy plains of Iceland, and in the charred landscapes of Egypt. Philippe Garrel shot La Cicatrice intérieure as the ultimate film-trip to the most desolate territories of the world. This masterwork's echo is heard even in Gus Van Sant (Gerry) and Vincent Gallo (The Brown Bunny), a mythical love story between a gifted filmmaker and his ghostly icon."
-Les Inrockuptibles

Author(s) Philippe Garrel
Artist(s) Nico, Philippe Garrel, Pierre Clémenti, Christian Päffgen, Daniel Pommereulle, Balthazar Clémenti, Jean-Pierre Kalfon
Format BLU-RAY & DVD9 PAL Interzone•Color•16:9
Year 1972
Language(s) French
Subtitles anglais, français, japonais
Runtime 60 min
Publisher REVOIR

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