Paul Clipson - Landscape Dissolves


DVD with 14 short films by the late Paul Clipson

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[Paul Clipson’s films] are a photo-chemical catalog of the visible world, charged with psychic energy, scored partly by chance, and imbued with a generosity of being.
-Otie Wheeler, MUBI Notebook

Clipson’s fillms are unique to the contemporary moment in their visual intensity, but also in their commitment to a realm beyond language, beyond the culture of ‘information.’ Clipson wants to deliver us knowledge of the world—real, discrete, actual things.
-Dan Browne, San Francisco Cinematheque

“Paul and I worked on this project for a little over a year before his passing. Deciding on a grouping of works that would constitute a ‘Selected Films’ proved no easy feat. The titling, selection and sequencing of films, and the images used for the jacket and booklet have been presented exactly as Paul wanted. It has been an honor to put together and realize this collection, which I believe captures something of the breadth, dynamism, poetry, and rare beauty of Paul’s cinematic vision.

This project would not be possible without the support of Yelena Soboleva and Anya Kamenskaya.”
-Alex Cobb, February 2019

A co-release with Students of Decay :

CHORUS 2009-2010, 7’ music by Gregg Kowalsky
LIGHT FROM THE MESA 2010, 7’ music by Barn Owl
ABSTEIGEND 2012, 7’ music by Evan Caminiti
LANDSCAPE DISSOLVES 2012, 6’ music by Alex Cobb
ORIGIN 2009-2012, 9’ music by Che Chen
PULSARS E QUASARS 2014, 4’ music by Arp
VOID REDUX 2013, 6’ music by Barn Owl
BRIGHT MIRROR 2013, 9’ music by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
LIGHT YEAR 2013, 10’ music by Tashi Wada
DISPORTING WTH A SHADOW 2015, 4’ music by Alex Cobb
THE LIQUID CASKET / WILDERNESS OF MIRRORS 2014, 9’ music by Lawrence English
MADE OF AIR 2014, 11’ music by Grouper
LIGHTHOUSE 2015, 5’ music by King Midas Sound/Fennesz
FEELER 2016, 7’ music by Sarah Davachi

Author(s) Paul Clipson
Artist(s) Paul Clipson, Alex Cobb, Gregg Kowalsky, Barn Owl, Evan Caminiti, Che Chen, Arp, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Tashi Wada, Lawrence English, Grouper, King Midas Sound/Fennesz, Sarah Davachi
Format DVD5 PAL 16:9
Original format 16mm
Year 2009-2016
Runtime 104 min

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