Nicky Hamlyn: Selected Video Works 2008-2013 (special edition)


This DVD includes the following films by Nicky Hamlyn:
Zöetrope (2', 2008)
Autogrill Verghereto (2', 2008)
Double Fence (20', 2010)
La Défense (2', 2013)
Ernest Atkinson Park (23', 2012)
Pareo (2', 2013)
East Croydon (15',  2012)
Films (2', 2013)
Spinning Shadow (3', 2013)
Place Vauban (10', 2012)
Berlin Moiré (2', 2013)

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This selection of video works is from an ongoing series Nicky Hamlyn started in 2008, of spontaneously occurring, ‘found’ Moiré patterns. Moiré patterns are a long- familiar and well-understood phenomena, typically generated by the superimposition of regular patterns.

"My interest in these patterns stems from the fact that they constitute disturbances in the visual field (...). Moiré patterns are just one rather striking example of the many ways in which visual information can become ambiguous or complicated and hence unreliable: an aesthetic experience is thus generated." Nicky Hamlyn

This special limited DVD edition brings you autographed DVD and card printed for the exhibition 'Brownian Motion' by Nicky Hamlyn at Re-voir Film Gallery (Paris, Sept-Nov 2015).

Author(s) Nicky Hamlyn
Original format video
Year 2015
Runtime 83'
Publisher Re:voir

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