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Four short dance films by Maya Deren

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"In this film, I have attempted to place a dancer in a limitless, cinemato-graphic space. Moreover, he shares, with the camera, a collaborative responsibility for the movements themselves. This is, in other words, a dance which can exist only on films The movement of the dancer creates a geography that never was. With a turn of the foot, he makes neighbors of distant places. Being a film ritual, it is achieved not in spatial terms alone, but in terms of a time created by the camera."
- Maya Deren on A Study in Choreography for the Camera, 1945

"In her approach we have the beginnings of a virtually new artform of 'choreocinema' in which the dance and the camera collaborate on the creation of a single work of art."
- John Martin, New York Times, 1946

A STUDY IN CHOREOGRAPHY FOR THE CAMERA 1945, silent, b/w, 2min30
RITUAL IN TRANSFIGURED TIME 1945-46, silent, b/w, 16min
THE VERY EYE OF NIGHT 1952-55, b/w, 15min

Author(s) Maya Deren
Artist(s) Maya Deren, Talley Beatty, Rita Christiani, Frank Westbrook, Anaïs Nin, Ch'ao Li Chi, Anthony Tudor, Teiji Ito
Format DVD5 PAL All regions, black and white, sound
Original format 16mm
Year 1945-1955
Runtime 47 min
Publisher RE:VOIR

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