Maurice Lemaître - Le Film est déjà commencé ?

DVD and Blu-Ray combo of LE FILM EST DÉJÀ COMMENCÉ ? (1951) by Maurice Lemaître

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« Heir to the dadaist, surrealist and abstract filmmakers of the 1920s, Lemaître was able to combine equally aesthetics with politics — no easy task and one that fully justifies the current recognition of his work. »
-Gérard Courant, Libération

One of the founding works of letterist cine- ma, Le Film est déjà commencé? (Has the Feature Started Yet?) became a major event during its first screenings in Paris in 1951. Despite the critics’ lack of consideration, this film’s undeniable influence — direct or hidden — on the New Wave as much as on today’s cinema makes it a landmark in film history.

« This film must be projected under special conditions: on a screen of new shapes and material and with spectacular goings-on in the cinema lobby and theatre (disrup- tions, forced jostling, dialogues spoken aloud, confetti and gunshots aimed at the screen...). This is not just a projection, but a true film show, the style of which Maurice Lemaître is the creator. »
-Maurice Lemaître 1951

LE FILM EST DÉJÀ COMMENCÉ ? (62 mins, 1951, 16mm) Digital Restoration master made by Light Cone and the CNC.
PORTRAIT OF MAURICE LEMAÎTRE by Pip Chodorov (2004, 15 min, 16mm/DV)

Author(s) Maurice Lemaître
Artist(s) Maurice Lemaître, Pip Chodorov
Format BLU-RAY & DVD9 PAL Interzone•Color•16:9
Year 1951
Language(s) French
Subtitles anglais, français
Runtime 77 min
Publisher REVOIR

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