L'étonnement - Marcel Hanoun

DVD and text of a film Inspired by the drama Cantat - Trintignant

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A feature film by Marcel Hanoun nspired by the drama Cantat - Trintignant where the actress Marie Trintignant died of cerebral edema three days after being beaten by the leader of the rock group Noir Désir.

"From the story of a passion lived to its extreme, until death, I want to make a sober, bare, stripped film. From the tragedy that inspired me, I essentially wanted to retain an aspect the universal and familiar. The unique character of the film will be at the same time, the one who writes the story, the one who lives it in the depths of his prison, the actor who interprets the story as for a single witness and spectator: himself." -Marcel Hanoun

duration: 01:10:00
Release year: 2004
French language
format: video, color

Author(s) Marcel Hanoun
Artist(s) Marcel Hanoun, Marc-Henry Boisse, Estelle Courtois, Fréderic Acquaviva, Sallah Edine, Olivier Sarrassat, Laurenzo Massoni, Philippe Bouychou, Nora Petit de Villeléon
Format paperback book and PAL DVD
Original format video
Year 2004
Language(s) French
Runtime 64 min
Pages 24 pages
Publisher Corto Pacific - Cinécriture

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