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11 short films by de Pins, Briceno, Volve, Agnus, Lefou, le Borgne, Bizot, Graux, Tesei and Delord. 

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An epic collection of 11 extraordinary animated shorts like you've never seen before, created by a collective of rebellious directors beyond definition... Careful, perhaps you are not ready for such an experience... But at night, far from your bosses prying eye or those of your mom, you will discover true happiness. And you will laugh.


Author(s) Daniel Klein
Artist(s) Arthur de Pins, Patrick Volve, Luis Briceno, Mathieu Agnus, Olivier Lefou, Christophe Le Borgne, Anne Laure Bizot, Amélie Graux, Arnaud Delord, Elena Tesei
Format PAL/NTSC, toutes zones, stéréo, 4:3
Year 2004
Language(s) French, English
Subtitles French, English, German, Spanish, Japanese
Runtime 60 minutes
Publisher Lowave

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